01. What is it?

Our BOOPME™ tag uses Near-field communication (NFC) to access your pet’s profile. This technology works by using radio frequencies to transmit data, which means it can only send this data when over a short distance. This is why in the case of many NFC technology products, when touching the product with an NFC compatible device, the NFC technology becomes activated and the data can be accessed. Moreover, NFC technology does not require battery to operate - so it will work indefinitely unless damaged.

All of our BOOPME™ tags have an NFC chip that is kept safe by our plastic cover. Moreover, all of our tags are read-only meaning no one will have the ability to change what our tags were coded to do. This is why NFC technology is most widely used for contactless payment for the majority of banks and credit card companies, and why we have chosen to use it too!

02. How do I use it?

First, you want to ensure that your smartphone is able to use this technology. To verify if your smart device is compatible with NFC, click here - but any device with Android 10 and above or IOS 13 above should be compatible.

IMPORTANT: While many modern smartphones come with NFC capabilities built-in, the feature is not universally enabled by default.

Click here for more information concerning how to activate NFC technology in older IOS devices.

Click here for more information concerning how to activate NFC technology on Android devices

Use the tag by tapping your smartphone on the tag in the following locations :

IOS and Android devices
Apple | Tap near the top of the camera area.
Samsung | Tap near the center area.
Google | Tap near the center or top area.

03. Creating your pet profile

Given that we did not create an app but rather an online platform, the BOOPME™ platform, anyone with a smartphone can access the profile when tapping the tag.

As long as your tag is active, it will always be available to see anywhere around the world.

We are also committed to keeping your information safe, so we've ensured to integrate different types of security on our BOOPME™ platform to keep your information from being easily accessible and distributed by third-person parties.

04. Managing your pets' profiles

Our BOOPME™ platform will be your main hub to manage your pet profiles and tags. 

Here, you can edit your pet’s profile to add or remove whatever information you’d like to appear on your profile.

When we say whatever, we really do mean whatever: we’ve designed our platform so that you are not confined to a limited number of categories to document your pet’s information. We've designed our platform so that you can add any category you believe would be important for your pet's safety, allowing you to customize your pet’s profile entirely and to never feel the need again to leave information behind.