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Near-field communication (NFC) is a more secure and private way for smart devices to exchange small amounts of data with each other. It works using radio frequency, and it does not require pairing (like bluetooth) to work. The most common (and recognized) use for NFC technology is contactless pay. Click here to verify if your smart device is compatible with NFC.

The BOOPME™ tag is not a GPS tracker. Current GPS technology requires an antenna which would not fit into the compact design of our tag. Our future plans with BOOPME™, however, do involve passive and active forms of GPS tracking - we just want to do it right!

No, our tag does not require a battery to function. Unless the chip is physically damaged (or defective), it will continue to function indefinitely.

Our tag is made of food-grade ABS plastic with a soft-touch UV coating. We chose this material as it's made to last in all environments (rain, sun, and snow) and is easy to clean.

Our tag (chip and cover) are made in China, however it is assembled and shipped (with love) by us in our Montréal office.

BOOPME™ Platform

No app is required to use our tag as we wanted to make it accessible across all devices (whether someone owned a BOOPME™ tag or not). All that is required is an internet connection and smart device in order to customize and access your pet profile.

There is no subscription fee to use our BOOPME™ service.

Yes, you need to have a BOOPME™ tag in order to edit and customize your pet profile. This is a security measure we have implemented to ensure your information stays safe. You will not have access to the platform unless you have a tag. However, you do not need a tag in order to view the profile (that is, anyone with a smartphone device can view the profile when tapping the tag).

We wanted to make your pet's profile as customizable as possible. Meaning, we wanted you (the user) to add whatever information you believe is important to have available on your pet's tag.

So, when editing your pet's profile in the BOOPME™ platform, you are able to add your own categories as all our text boxes are free text boxes (that is, you can write whatever you want!). If you want to learn more, visit our How it works page.

The only mandatory information we require you to complete is your pet's name, age, sex, colour, and breed and one method of contact (either phone number, e-mail or address).

Absolutely! Through the BOOPME™ platform, you can have more than one pet profile linked to your account. In other words, each pet profile is a different tag.

For example, if you have your pets Emi and Koro, you have one tag for Emi and one tag for Koro. Emi would have her profile, and Koro would have his profile. Both would be linked to your account, making them accessible to edit when you're logged into your account.

This is why we have included the Bundle option when purchasing our tags, as no pet should be left out. To start building a bundle (and save some money), click here.

At this moment of time, the BOOPME™ tag is not a replacement for your metal city registration tag. You may add the licence number to your pet's profile, however your city might still require the physical metal tag. Please refer to your city's pet registration guidelines to confirm what is required.

The BOOPME™ platform has the integration of different types of security to ensure your information is not easily accessible nor distributed by third-person parties. This includes a combination of softwares that provides a "firewall" type protection when accessing the platform, blocking out in real-time any suspicious connections. In addition, all information inputted into the platform is encrypted, increasing the difficulty of a data breach to occur. Moreover, all pictures are uploaded onto a folder outside of the public server and cannot be accessed via URL, therefore giving access to only the owner of the photo (the account user) control over the photo(s).

Product Care

The material of the BOOPME™ tag makes it easy to clean. Majority of the dirt and stains may be wiped away with your fingers or wet wipe. More difficult stains should be removed with soap and water.

We do not recommend trying to clean the tag with any harsh chemicals (such as acetone or concentrated acids) as it can result in the discolouration of the tag/ destruction of the plastic. If ever you're unsure if your cleaning product is safe to use on the tag, reach out to us so we can try it first!

To keep your tag looking clean and brand new, we recommended to clean your tag after each adventure to avoid an accumulation of dirt.

Yes, our tag (including the chip) are waterproof! Our tag can be completely submerged in water and will continue to function as normal.

We do not recommend using the tag in the pool as it has poor resistance to chlorinated agents.

All our tags have a UV-resistant coating to minimize the effects of the sun on the colour of the tag. So for everyday use in the sun, there should be no issue! We do not, however, recommend keeping the tag in exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time - just to be safe.

Processing and Shipping

We will ensure that all orders placed will be shipped the next day.  If we anticipate there to be any delay in processing time, we will ensure to clarify prior to your purchase.

Currently we ship to Canada, and the United States. If you require shipping outside of these areas, please contact us at contact@boopme.ca so we can work out a way to get our tag to you.

Depending on the shipping location, it is possible that there might be duties and customs at the time of receiving the package.

Yes, as long as we catch it in time before going out for shipping. Please contact us as soon as possible at contact@boopme.ca so we can perform your desired changes!

Issues, Warranties and Returns

We have a 30-day return policy from the date of product received (verifiable from the shipping tracking number). In order to be eligible for a return, the product must be in the same condition as that at time of purchase (that is, it must have the original packaging and the product must not used). For more information, visit our returns and exchanges policy.

Although all issues are on a case-by case basis, the following issues would be covered by our lifetime warranty:

  • Damaged product received at the time of sale;
  • Defective product received at the time of sale (including non-functioning NFC chip, visual defect of plastic cover, un-scannable tag);
  • Defective product without damage made to the product by the customer (including un-scannable tag, and lid coming off during use);
  • UV damage to a product defined as fading of colour (this warranty becomes void if product is placed in direct sunlight).


If ever you’re unsure if your issue would be covered by our warranty, please contact us at contact@boopme.ca.

Please contact us at contact@boopme.ca so we can determine what occurred and come to a solution together on how to proceed.

If you pet has worn the tag and it's beyond the 30 days return window, there will be no refund issued (unless there is a defect covered under our warranty policy). But we're always open to a conversation to see what didn't work out and why, so shoot us an e-mail at contact@boopme.ca and we can go from there!

If you found a lost pet with our tag, and you're unsure how to proceed, please click here for instructions on how to proceed so we can reunite the pet with their owners as soon as possible!