Found a lost pet with a BOOPME™ tag?

Hi, we're BOOPME™ - the modern pet tag that can be viewed using your smartphone through the power of NFC technology. By tapping your phone on the tag, you'll have access to all the information you'll need to properly care and reunite the lost pet with their owner. Just by being on this page, we've already tackled the first step in this process!

In case you're unsure how to proceed (or how to use our BOOPME™ tag), we've created this page to give you guidance.

Important: Please take a moment to ensure the pet's safety by checking for any immediate medical needs or signs of distress. If the pet appears to be injured or unwell, contact your local animal control, animal shelter or a nearby veterinarian for assistance.

How to Use the Tag

Given this is an electronic pet tag, you will need to tap your phone on the tag to see the information. Please follow the images below to gain a better understanding where on your smartphone (IOS and Android) you should tap the tag (scroll to the bottom to find compatible devices):
Apple | Tap near the top of the camera area.
Samsung | Tap near the center area.
Google | Tap near the center or top area.

Step 1. Tap your phone on the tag

You can tap your phone on the front or the back of the tag. Once you tap the tag, click on the link that appears on your phone. This link will automatically open your default internet browser and redirect you towards the animal's profile containing their information. We assure you that you will not need to download an application to view the pet's profile.

Step 2. Read through the pet's profile

The pet's profile contains both standard information (pet's name, gender, race, age, size and colour), and owner's contact information (could be an address, phone number or e-mail). For quick access, you can click on the contact information directly.

It's also important to verify for any special information concerning the pet (allergies, medications, temperament, etc) - this is information specially put by the owner to ensure their pet's safety. There could also be a special message from the owner, so we urge the importance of scrolling through the profile once accessed.

Step 3. Initiate communication and arrange a reunion

After contacting the owner, continue to ensure the pet's safety and keep them comfortable. Once contact has been established with the owner, work together to determine the best place and time for the reunion. It's always best to pick a public place to ensure both your safety, the pet's safety, and the owner's safety.

Additional Tips:

Provide additional information
When contacting the owner, include a brief description of the pet's appearance and any distinguishing features. This extra information will help the owner verify that you have indeed found their lost pet.

Be patient
Depending on the method of communication, it's possible you might need to wait for a reply. Be patient and be somewhere safe with the pet to ensure no unnecessary stress.

Thank you. ♡

Thank you for taking the time to reunite the pet with their owner. One of our missions at BOOPME™ is to leave no pet behind - and it's people like you that help us reach that mission. Estimates suggest that 1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime, 10 million a year, and many never return home*. More people with your compassion and quick thinking have made a difference in this pet's life, and with the help of technologies such as ours, together we can change this statistic for the better.


*Source: LA Animal Services

Here is a quick list of compatible devices

To verify if your smart device is compatible with NFC, verify here - but any device with Android 10 and above or IOS 13 above should be compatible.

While many modern smartphones come with NFC capabilities built-in, the feature is not universally enabled by default.

Click here for more information concerning how to activate NFC technology in older IOS devices.

Click here for more information concerning how to activate NFC technology on Android devices