As pet parents ourselves, there has always been one item that we’d be frustrated to purchase: their tags. We’ve seen with our first dog, Emi, that the information faded too easily and became unreadable within the month. Not to mention, the movement from the metal left behind a fine black dust that caused not only discolouration on her fur, but also permanent staining on her harness. With the arrival of our second dog, Koro, we felt as if it was time to think of something better.

As a scientist and designer, we had limited knowledge up to this point on the process of manufacturing a product. However, night after night, a fleeting thought flourished into a product we knew would contribute to the new era of the pet technology industry. The concept of BOOPME™ was curated to embody all that we find essential in products we purchase for our own pets - modern design, expected functionality, and durability. In addition, we also deeply value the importance of technology, and believe our pets should also benefit from its potential to improve their overall quality of life. When creating our tag, we made the extra effort not to compromise on any of those features, and we went the extra length to ensure all the details were complete before bringing them to market.

This project has been a labor of love, fueled by our shared vision to change how we see technology and the pet industry. We’ve worked hard to bring this product to market, and we are excited to see what lengths we can take it in the months and years to come. From our family to your own, thank you for supporting our small business, and we cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together in the future.